Ionexx® IONX Generator Rod Set


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The rod set for the latest generator model sold by Ionexx. This is the set you need if you bought your generator after 08/2018. Please see the description below for more details.

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99.99% Pure Silver Wire rod set, exclusively supplied by Golden State Silver, for the Ionexx “IONX” Ultrasonic Nano Silver Generator (generator sold separately by Ionexx).

This rod set is two (2) 3-inch rods, one in 7 Gauge and the other in 10 Gauge.

The thicker 7 Gauge Rod is installed into the Gold Port. The narrower 10 Gauge Rod is installed into the Silver Port.

7 Gauge measures 0.144 inches (3.66 mm) in diameter. 10 Gauge measures 0.101 inches (2.57 mm) in diameter.

IMPORTANT: if the underside of your cap does not look like the example pictures, then you may not have the newest IONX model. Please contact Ionexx for support.

  • Official OEM Rod Sets for the IONX Ultra Nano Silver Generators made by Ionexx.
  • Backed by our GSS 4N+ Guarantee: 99.99% Silver Purity, or better.
  • A paper copy of the Certification Test Report is included with every order.