14 Gauge Wire Coils




This is a coil of 99.99% (.9999) Pure Silver Wire in 14 Gauge (.064 inch, 1.63 mm diameter). Available in lengths from 12-inch to 120-inch (1 foot to 10 feet), selected from the drop-down above. Our Silver Wire coils are ideal for cutting down to make rods for use in your home Colloidal Silver Generator. The temper of this wire is Dead Soft.

Your order will include a copy of the Certificate of Assay Report of the batch/melt of which this silver came from. See the image of the Certification Report for reference.

  • Guaranteed 99.99% Purity (or better)
  • PERFECT for Colloidal Silver generator electrodes.
  • Silver is known to kill over 650 known pathogens within 12 minutes of exposure (most within 6 minutes)

We stock many different gauges, and a multitude of different lengths, available in our store for your Colloidal, Ionic, Audio Wire, or other High Purity applications. If you need any assistance with choosing the right wire for your application, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Additional information

Coil Length

12-inch Coil, 14-inch Coil, 16-inch Coil, 18-inch Coil, 20-inch Coil, 24-inch Coil, 36-inch Coil, 48-inch Coil, 60-inch Coil, 72-inch Coil, 120-inch Coil


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