Mission Statement

Golden State Silver’s Mission   

Golden State Silver’s main goal is to provide ultra-fine precious metals for high purity applications. The electrolysis of Colloidal Silver is a primary focus, so it has become imperative to maintain unprecedented standards by partnering with competent refining mills and third-party purity verification services.

True 99.99% ultra-fine silver (“.9999”, or “4Nines”) is very hard to manufacture, and costly. Investment-grade silver (99.9% fine silver, also known as “.999” or “3Nines”) is not clean enough for all applications. Therefore, the extra refining process to meet this ultra-fine silver purity is necessary for Colloidal Silver concerns.

And, not all silver mills and distributors provide 99.99% silver, even though their certificates state it! With first-hand experience receiving and testing sub-par wire being supplied by silver mills, Golden State Silver set forth to secure third-party testing, to ensure that the validation on the mill’s Certificate of Assay meets your requirements for purity. Golden State Silver has tested and turned away more than one manufacturer of silver that claimed 99.99%.

Golden State Silver is as concerned about the purity of silver and other precious metals just as much as you are, especially when it comes to making Colloidal products for health-related purposes. With this consideration, third-party testing has become a necessary measure for all precious metal products distributed for the purpose of enhancing health and well-being.

In order to ensure the purity of our products, we provide random batch testing to outside third party laboratories to test and verify the silver content of the ultra-fine metals that we procure.

We personally guarantee all our products to meet, or exceed, 99.9925% purity. All orders will be accompanied by a certificate of purity from the melt that the silver originated from.